11/30/2012 01:59 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

When Bodies Matter More Than Babies: The Jessica Simpson Edition

I've definitely dedicated far too much space in the blogosphere to Jessica Simpson's body. I realize that by continually contributing to the uncalled-for public discourse surrounding the star's appearance, I'm arguably just feeding the image-focused fire. And yet, I can't keep my fingers off the keyboard every time the pop singer/reality star/fashionista makes headlines for all the wrong reasons.

So here we are again, playing the Simpson body snarking game. But this time, we've switched up the rules. Rather than express outrage over her audacity to indulge while pregnant with now seven-month old daughter Maxwell, we're speculating over what's in store for Simpson's body next. Word on the street and in the tabloids is that she's pregnant once again, and while we're mildly interested in the hypothetical life she's created, we're way more concerned with what in the world this means for her waistline.

What does this mean for her Weight Watchers contract? Why would she get knocked up so quickly after just shedding a reported 70 post-pregnancy pounds? HOW MUCH WILL SHE GAIN THIS TIME?

Sure, I'm paraphrasing, but these questions more or less sum up the general media reaction to the news of Simpson's supposed second go at motherhood. Are there more important things going on in the world? Obviously. Is being at the center of a worldwide weight obsession life's most devastating hardship? Maybe not. But there's something fundamentally wrong with our society if the first question we think to ask about a potential pregnancy is how the theoretical bundle of joy will wreck and ravage the mother's body.

Simpson may have brought much of this weight preoccupation on herself when she signed up to be a diet company spokesperson, but I don't think her endorsement deal justifies all the inappropriate chatter. If she's ready to have another child, then more power to her. I hope she can channel her energy into creating life, not counting calories. And I hope she can keep her focus off the scale's fluctuating numbers, even if no one else can.