03/12/2012 08:01 am ET Updated Apr 16, 2012

Misogyny Wars

Is our American culture so immersed in the sickness of misogyny that it can't see the forest from the trees with the GOP? Men, or anyone else without female apparatus, do not get to make decisions about women's bodies. Reproductive rights are an issue of health care plain and simple. We, women that are children of the sixties, seventies and eighties, thought we had fought this battle a long time ago, and are sort of content to keep kicking the glass ceiling. We realize that's not good enough, but are wise enough to realize that it is what it is in the work force. But elected officials like Senator Mitch McConnell or Speaker John Boehner that want to repeal basic rights to birth control are a blight on our democracy. Women have had the right to vote for decades, and must not reelect folks that treat them like chattel for breeding, and little else.

Thank you very much, GOP gentlemen, for kicking open the door to the battle for women's reproductive rights yet again. Alas, it appears to be front and center in the 2012 Presidential election with the Republican contenders seizing the moment for all their bad behavior. In fact earlier this week, Arianna characterized it as Birth Contracalypse on page one of The Huffington Post because of the mainstream media's fixation on the so-called culture wars being espoused in the GOP rhetoric. Heaven help us as the world is beset with unrest and economic turmoil as this gang and our media replay the saga of the Catholic Bishops -- aka men that wear dresses to work, not party. Certainly, it is fascinating to watch former Senator Rick Santorum push the frontrunner former moderate Governor Mitt Romney to the right as he auditions for Vice President. Talking Points Memo goes so far as to call it "Rick Santorum's Trouble with Women" as their writers chew on the big issues of women in the work force in Michigan. Thank goodness the bloggers continue to push the hard questions about wage equality and even misogyny. Gosh almighty, it's sad to watch as the mainstream media side steps the big stuff and fans the flames. Don't really know how anyone can take these folks seriously. Rick Santorum's notion of women is way beyond parochial. Newt's womanizing is embarrassing and Mitt is a human pretzel giving new meaning to flip flopping.

President Obama may be the answer to our prayers. His very existence debunks all the GOP gyrations having been raised by a single mother and loving matriarch. In fact, for all purposes he actually seems to like women and trust them. Come on folks -- he is married to Michelle, better known as the Warrior Princess, and relies on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to keep us straight with the world. So girls, gals or whatever, when you ponder about the 2012 race let there not be even a moment's hesitation. Barack Obama, with all his faults, is our guy. He won't cave to the GOP craziness about women, or poor people, or military action; and he certainly won't throw women under the proverbial bus.