12/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

So We Finally Exhaled. And it is a Glorious New Day.

Obama did us good. We were all "waiting to exhale" and have finally taken the first deep breath in months. The day has come when every vote did count, the people spoke and dreams are possible again. Amen. This is a historic election on so many levels. Obama is the first African American to become President elect. Equally important, he is the man who has captured the spirit and emotions of the people of the globe. Democracy can and does work. Obama has truly brought all of us hope for a new tomorrow -- free from hate and fear. He is the catalyst for our hopes, wishes and dreams.

These are bad times. There is a war in Iraq and instability throughout the Middle East. There is an energy and climate crisis. Economic stability has spiraled downward and people are hurting. Jobs have been lost. Unemployment is escalating. Homes have been foreclosed. Credit is virtually shut down for the average American and small business owners.

Obama and his administration will need to sweep up the mess left by the past administration, and rebuild our foundation brick by brick. It will take a village of the best and brightest to right this ship. Remarkably, the A Team is standing at attention. Senators, House members, Governors, even titans of industry and academicians are all waiting to take off their suits, ties, and even high heels and dig in. It's a time for hiking boots to climb out of the hole of disarray and despair left for us. Heave Ho! It's out they go.

Obama has come. The world breathes a giant sigh of relief.

Only in America!

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