01/06/2011 04:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Originalist Sinner: Justice Scalia and The 14th Amendment

California Lawyer this week did report
On Justice Scalia of the Supreme Court
His shocking views on equal protection
Make one wish his was a tenure subject to election

Women not protected against discrimination?!
Even for Nino, an abomination
Originalism!! he is wont to invoke
Bald sexism lurking under that transparent cloak

He claims the drafters' intent mandates his view
(Yet in Citizens United opined that corporations are people too!)
His reasoning is egregiously marred
Gender based discrimination is constitutionally barred

Has he forgotten the ruling in Reed v. Reed?
In which the Burger Court held so; yes indeed!
A unanimous decision; that's right -- nine to O
To women's rights opponents, a consummate blow

He's a radical who's perverted Amendment Number Two
(Meant to protect state militias; you betcha -- it's true)
Giving a windfall to Heston and the NRA
Our Founders rolling in their graves over what "bear arms" means today

He makes law while hiding behind the Framers' intent
See, e.g., Bush v. Gore, for which he should repent
In truth, less a Justice than a hypocritical clown
A legislator masquerading in a jurist's gown!