02/03/2013 10:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance: Who Was She Wearing?

Just moments ago, with the Super Bowl in full swing, we were all eagerly anticipating the big half-time show! Not only to hear the great singing, but also to see what she would be wearing... I feel fortunate to have known ahead of time that it would be, up and coming designer, Rubin Singer. Kudos to Beyoncé for supporting an American brand and more importantly one that is lesser known.

Rubin Singer is an emerging New York designer who launched his line just about the time I did. We have both steadily climbed the fashion ladder, circumventing the challenges that come with creating your own line. In 2008, I was privy to collaborate with Rubin on his Spring 2009 collection, by creating bags for his runway show.

It was great fun and a super exciting experience. Since then, we have both had some great celebrities sporting our designs. For me, its been the fashionable Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Bosworth and Kate Beckinsale to name a few and for Rubin it has been music greats including Fergie, Solange Knowles and superstar, Beyoncé. It is exciting to see how far we have both come and comforting to know that in a field where so many struggle to make it, we are both continuing to succeed. We clearly are both "Crazy in Love" with what we do and it is clear to see that the world is starting to take notice.