01/07/2015 12:36 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2015

Small Steps for Effective Results

Deep within each person resides a dream waiting to be manifested. Unfortunately, for most people, the dream doesn't move past the 'waiting phase.' It sits in limbo, filed alongside mere fantasies. The reason so many people go through life just getting by and not fulfilling their heart's potential is that they feel overwhelmed. They envision the grandness of the finish line, but stop in their tracks not knowing how they'll get there. Most will say, 'That's life.' But it's wrong to blame life. Life is waiting for us to realize our potential and live up to it. The more people who rise to their greatness, the better our world will be. And the more people who fear fulfilling their dreams and desires, the more lacking our world will be.

It's understandable to not want to start, simply because the road is long. The mind loves to take the lazy way out. A mind that is not trained will just 'get by.' However, those who realize that the mind is a muscle, in need of training each day, will achieve the most. And the key to training the mind is to start small. Taking baby steps day after day will set you on a solid path. How many times have you seen people get excited about a diet or a new hobby? They jumped right in without looking back. And then, after a short time, they bounced back to their old habits. This is because baby steps leave more of an imprint in our mind than large leaps. The mind needs time to adjust, to get used to a new way of being, in order to truly become.

This is no less true for the other muscles in the body. If a man wants really large biceps, he has to gradually build his endurance with the weight he's already capable of lifting, before he can add more pounds. The same is true for our minds.

In other words, just like a weightlifter who must gain mastery of middle weights before moving on to heavy ones, you need to build on the endurance your mind is capable of handling before you discipline it more, or give it more tasks. And small steps are key in preventing the plan from backfiring. For example, if you dream of writing a book, it might seem overwhelming to think of all the words and sentences that must be created to fill 200 pages. But if you break it down, it becomes manageable. Begin with a chapter-by-chapter outline. Then commit yourself to writing one page per day. If you were to stick to this one small commitment, you would have a book in just seven months. Or let's say you want to begin exercising but you cannot find the time. Start small; for two weeks, dedicate yourself to walking just one block. Build a momentum. After two weeks, add one more block to your route.

The truth is, the mind has infinite room for growth. Once it achieves momentum, it will want more. But it cannot go from 0-120 mph instantly. It has to work itself up to that. If you have a desire or a dream, don't allow yourself to get in your own way. Make a realistic action plan. Keep the vision of your Highest Self in mind, but do not allow fear to block you. Focus on what is in front of you, while allowing everything else to fall into place. But by all means start, and start small.
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