Congratulations: Finally, Israel Is on the Doorstep of the Ultimate; Her Eternal Security

This deal is a good first step towards that goal. This is good for Israel, Iran, America and the entire Middle east.
11/27/2013 11:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


Over three millenniums, Jewish people have been betrayed time and again; each time they have made their home and their nest, it was torn down. After the cruelty of Romans, they finally felt home in Spain, and what does the butcher Ferdinand do? Force them out again. The resilient people came to believe that Germany was their eternal home, and what does criminal Hitler do? He was hell bent on annihilation of the entire Jewish population. Finally, they found their own home; Israel.

This should be their eternal home with full security. This deal is a good first step towards that goal. This is good for Israel, Iran, America and the entire Middle east.

It has not been easy for Israel either; its foundation was laid on blood of the Palestinians and Jews, now, Israelis. Both the people have been persecuted, harassed and thrown out of their own homes. I hope with the ongoing efforts of great many people, the real security for Jews will come about, and as a Muslim, and I pray for the security of Jews and Justice for the Palestinians, one will not happen without the other. Once this happens and I am optimistic that it will, most of the Muslim initiated conflicts around the world will fade and the goodwill for the Jews will be restored, not only by Muslims, but by most nations.

President Jimmy Carter was and continues to be one of the true friends of Israel, that the Jewish people ever had. With the support from Begin and Sadat he removed the Egyptian threat, thus freeing Israel from one major tension. If Mr. Netanyahu had acted like a statesman, and supported the people of Egypt against the tyrant Mubarak, the relations would not have been soured. Mr. Netanyahu failed to understand that the relationships are built and sustained between peoples and not the individuals.

Now, Israel has another angel: Barack Obama. He is one of the best presidents we have had after Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton! He cares about people, the Americans, the Israelis, Palestinians and Iranians in this instance. He is the peacemaker the world was looking and hoping for.

God bless Obama! Roping Iran into the community of nations is a relief; let me share the following seven points to appreciate this light.

1. The security of Israel is achieved through this deal. There is a Chinese saying, "If you want to eliminate the enemy, you make friends with them, and if you want to live in perpetual fear, keep frightening and threatening your enemies, neither will live in peace." The hype created by the war mongering Israeli leadership will hopefully recede.

2. I shudder at the thought of Romney's presidency; he would have gone to war with Iran to appease his buddy war mongers. Destruction of others is heroism to this sadistic crowd. The only ones that would have been happier would be the ones who would have benefited from it, a few in congresses and senate who live off the favors from such lobbies, everyone else would have lost it.

The average Americans would have seen job losses, higher gas prices, home foreclosures, divorces and the curse of budget deficit.

3. This is good for America, the gas prices will come down further causing a boost in economic activity. Americans drive for everything and gas bill is a significant cost of the living. The ubiquitous small contractors who fix homes and make a living can get out and drive more and take care of the customers. No more debating and combining jobs.

4. Thanks to Obama the statesman, for putting up with the fits and tantrums of Netanyahu and the Republican right, his wisdom has paid off. Others would have given it back in full; tit for tats, but he held back for the ultimate good of the nation and Israel. These groups will not give him the credit, but the people of Israel and America would eventually appreciate him.

5. Affordable Care Act is the best thing that has ever happened for the average Americans, eventually 43 million more Americans will benefit from it. The ones, whose loved ones would have died because no insurance carrier would have taken them for the pre-existing conditions, are going to pray for Obama's well being. The ones who could not afford insurance are affording it and feel secure about the care they can get, and give it to their loved ones, and they are all praying for your well being.

6. Obama is a true peace maker; a conflict mitigator and a goodwill nurturer. His patience is admired, and my faith in him as a true leader of the world is affirmed.

7. The only one who can bring genuine security to the people of Israel and justice to the Palestinians is Obama. Both the people deserve security and Justice, as a Muslim, and in behalf of many a Muslims in the world, I would like to see a Jew travel anywhere in the world without fear. He can send his child to a school in west bank dropping all his guards. Once the Jews feel secure, the Palestinians can count on Justice, a Jewish trait that has been overridden by the need for their security.

Now, I wish the Jewish friends a very happy Hanukkah, a true celebration and recovery of the security for the Israelites. Indeed, it's the beginning of the end of darkness, and beginning of genuine security for the Jewish people.

Happy Hanukkah

Mike Ghouse is committed to building cohesive societies where no human has to live in apprehension, discomfort or fear of the other. He heads the World Muslim Congress, a think tank and the Foundation for Pluralism.