08/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Real Faces of Reform: Ann's Story

These past two weeks, the Kansas Democratic Party has been asking people to share their personal health care stories in the hopes of convincing Congress that now is the time for real reform.

You see, it's easy to forget in the rush of policy discussions and politics decisions that this issue isn't about Washington politicians, special interest groups, or even the insurance companies. It's about you.

And, it's about people like Ann L. from Augusta, KS.

Ann sent us her story last week, and it's a perfect example of why we need health care reform. It's not dramatic, and it isn't very long, but it expresses the feeling that far too many Americans have.

Her story is just a sample of the touching and troubling stories we've read these past two weeks.

I had a chance to talk with Ann last night and she told me that she patiently watches CSPAN as often as she can to track the progress of health care reform. She told me that she watches Senators and Representatives introduce amendments, debate the merits of the legislation, and talk about what reform really means. I was very impressed with her knowledge of current legislation and her passion to see reform passed this year.

That's why we wanted to share her story with you all.

It reaffirmed our belief in the importance of real health care reform and our hope is that it'll do the same for you, and members of Congress. So please, take a minute to read the story below and, if you haven't already, get involved with one of the many groups that are fighting for real reform in 2009.

Ann's Story

"I have health insurance which costs me $200 per month which wouldn't be bad if it paid for ANYTHING. However, this insurance only covers me getting hit by a bus and everything else I have to pay for myself. With mammograms, prescriptions, doctor visits, etc..., I end up paying another $200.00 per month at the least!

I am in my mid 40s and I know now is not the time for me to be without health insurance; however, I can no longer afford to pay the premium AND what it takes to actually stay healthy.


My premium has increased dramatically even though they haven't paid any of my medical bills. I feel like I have paid my insurance company thousands of dollars for nothing and now I am going to have to drop my coverage because I just can't afford it anymore. I feel ripped off, helpess, and hopeless.

I have tried to do the right thing, struggled to keep my insurance current so that I wouldn't have to go on the public dole in case I got really sick and now it looks like I'm going to end up that way anyway.

Please, please, don't cave on us. For the first time in my life I donated money to a political campaign, made calls, etc... because I believe in Barack Obama.

Please don't let us down."

-- Ann L.