05/16/2014 01:31 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2014

Testing is Not Trusting

In a session I had with my counselor Eleanor last week she said to me, "Testing is not trusting." I realized in talking to her that much of what I've been calling "trust" is actually me simply "testing" new attitudes, techniques, and approaches... hoping they will work out, but fearing that they won't (or at the very least wanting some kind of guarantee that they will.) Maybe you can relate to this?

In this week's video blog, I talk about this dynamic and the important distinction between testing and trusting. When we expand our capacity for authentic trust, we can experience a deeper level of peace and confidence, and we're able to create success in a much more elegant and genuine way.

Watch the video below and leave a comment here on my blog about how it relates to your life and/or any questions you have about it.