12/09/2009 11:41 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Deputy Delegate Su Wei Pushes Back on EU Comparisons

This story also appeared on the Chinese state-run party news online.

China's Deputy Head of the Chinese Delegation Su Wei confirmed that the recently announced 45% reduction of GHG emissions before 2020, per unit of GDP, is an internal and domestic matter. He also said China's ambitious efforts were more remarkable than those of the EU and the U.S. -- by offering UNFCCC attendees simple math equations. He is the first delegate to compare "apples to apples" on developed country reduction targets.

He is also Director General of the Department of Climate Change, National Development and Reform of the PRC: "It is inappropriate for the EU delegates to compare their obligations to China's based on our GDP. I think the EU should compare their own reduction targets now versus previous. For the EU from2008-2012, GHG emissions will only be reduced 8% and that is just 2.4% annually.

"The EU is not doing enough," said Su. These targets are not meaningful or ambitious.

Su also called on the United States to comply with certain requirements of the UNFCCC. "The U.S. should provide emission reduction, technology transfer and financial support to make Copenhagen a true success," he suggested. He also added sarcastically that U.S. offers to pay our "fair share" of the compensatory carbon mitigation fund for developing countries "should be enought to buy coffins!"

The umbrella group here including the U.S. agreed to "remarkable levels" of reduction. Current GHG reduction commitments from President Barack Obama of only 17% from 2005 levels to year 2020 are neither "remarkable nor notable" said Su.

The U.S. should follow protocol and base reductions on 1990 levels and not 2005 levels of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, Su said the U.S. emissions actually grew by 16% from 1990 to the year 2007 - so "in other words, the U.S. is only offering a net of one percent reduction. That is not 'remarkable.'"

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