03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Vitter Digs In; Won't Say if Brown was Decided Correctly

The video says it all, but here's the context for the latest unbelievable dodge.

I caught Senator Vitter as he exited Ben Bernanke's banking committee hearing.

I had heard rumors that he may place a hold on the Fed Chief's confirmation vote, so I asked him. He told me he was late for a meeting. I responded, "C'mon, Senator, this is a yes or a no..." He replied, "Yeah, it is. And I'm late for a meeting."

Just then a reporter from Bloomberg News approached the Senator and asked the same question I had just asked. Vitter told the reporter that he was inclined to place a hold. They exchanged a couple of more questions and answers and that's when I told the Senator that I hadn't intended to bring it up today, but I was wondering if he thought Brown was decided correctly.

I guess if you ask a United States Senator if he'd like to condemn a racist judge, you reveal yourself as being "fringe."