10/22/2012 12:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt Romney To Bosses: Tell Your Employees How They Will Vote, If They Want to Keep Their Jobs

Good readers, my name is Mike Watson and I have one simple question for you: How would you respond to your boss telling you today, "Vote for Mitt Romney, or you may not have a job tomorrow"? While the concept may seem like a far-fetched plot-point in Jack Bauer's life, today this threat is a reality for Americans and can come to an office place near you. Who is the source? Where are bosses suddenly getting this idea that hey, it is okay to subdue employees with political threats and implications? Where is ground zero?

Mitt Romney.

In the following transcript, we hear Mitt Romney addressing the National Federation of Independent Businesses. The NFIB is to Mitt Romney what bark is to a dog, just to make things clear and quick. But those barks have millions of not billions of dollars in addition to many employees who depend on them. Let us listen in on their meeting:

I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future in the upcoming elections. - Mitt Romney

My friends, Mitt Romney and his colleagues have a unique propensity for disrespecful bullying, an unprecedented knack for telling lies and the impressive ability to disrespect the Office of the Presidency through multiple generations. While once again the 2012 elections are a great show of democracy in action, Mitt Romney is taking the art of sheisty politicking to such lows that Richard Nixon's ghost would get the shivers.

Mitt Romney is literally pulling President Bush's classic "You are with us, or against us" maneuver, but for the workplace. And just as it is dangerous to have pastors and priests delivering sermons of politics this election cycle, it is equally bad to have CEOs like Dave Seigel and the Koch Brothers taking greedy chugs of Romney's punch, telling all partygoers who work for them to vote for the company man (Mitt Romney), or get their pink slips. It would be great if this were all some sort of scripted fiction for a political thriller, but we have the Koch brothers literally sending out mailers with who to vote for, what happens if who to vote for isn't elected and how that will impact the lives of their employees. In Mitt Romney's grand Threat of Implied Ills scheme, we have something two steps above Jim Crow political sidestepping taking place in America.

Americans are vulnerable in this terse job market, let's make no mistake about that. To even imply that bosses should make a political statement to employees is beyond criminal and subversive to everything our political system should stand for in this nation. Romney's comments show exactly why he is the wrong man to lead this nation: put simply, Romney is without morals.

Hopefully and truthfully, if our bosses today tell us how to vote, or give us a wink-wink nudge-nudge on the subject, we have the bravery to look them down and tell them exactly where such bullying can be stuffed. If you do not want bosses bullying their employees to vote for Mitt Romney or anyone else, please share this crucial story on Facebook and your social networks. Bullying only stops when people are made aware of the trickery of the people behind it. And in this circumstance, the evidence heavily points to Mitt Romney.