08/23/2013 02:25 pm ET Updated Oct 23, 2013

10 Things Never to Say While Your Wife Is in Labor

Bringing life into the world is perhaps the most rewarding and beautiful gift a woman can give to her child and to her loved ones.

Yet, while giving birth may be miraculous and it may seem that with each child's birth, a whole new world is created, it doesn't always come easy. In fact, before holding a tiny, naked human (is that ET or is that the baby?!) in our arms, there's something we experience called "the labor process," an apt title.

During this so-called labor process, it's important for women to have a strong support system to help calm their nerves, reassure them and allow them to leave claw-like marks on their partner's arms. It's also important to NOT have negative energy around, rather, there should be a calming presence that allows for peacefulness, along with someone to care for the expectant mother; carefully, tenderly WITHOUT to tell her to relax.

Here's a few more things to never to say while she's in labor:

• "Aww, look what you did honey; now the floor's all wet!"

• "Do you think the Tivo recorded my game?"

• "The vending machine here has Fritos!"

• "That needle looks GIGANTIC!"

• (Stands next to the doctor) "Oh honey, can you pass me my phone, I want to Instagram this."

• "Boy, this is exhausting!"

• "I think I just unplugged something..."

• (Blows up a surgical glove) "Do you think they'll notice if we take some of these home?"

• "Do you think we'll be done here within the hour?"

• "I see the baby's head already!! ... Just kidding!"

1 Thing Never to DO while your wife is in Labor:

• RUN!