01/26/2014 07:18 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2014

Mini Bag or Maxi Bag -- That Is the Question?

The big bag vs small bag debate always raises passionate debates between maximalists and minimalists. I have a friend who swears by her big bags. You'll never catch her lugging anything other than a huge tote that holds her earthly possessions. Even when she occasionally carries an evening bag or a small clutch, she'll make sure her giant tote is waiting safely for her in the car.

I, on the other hand, am a multi-size bag carrier. I have no allegiance to any particular size, shape or color, as long as it fits that day's getup.

That was all before the "mini" trend. You've got to agree that we all have a certain fondness for tiny things - be they mini cupcakes, mini burgers, kittens, or little kid's outfits. The shrunken satchel is one such adorable trend. It comes in colors you wouldn't even consider for their regular size counterparts. It allows you to use your hands freely and is so light you often forget you're wearing it.

A bag tells loads about your style.

A big tote is the epitome of comfort and reliability. It will never let you down. Whatever you need, it's there, acting as a comfort zone for the bearer. But, it's heavy and doesn't necessarily make you look elegant. Plus your chiropractor bills are a high price to pay for the "just in case I may need it" philosophy.

In contrast, the mini bag is the epitome of chic, of freedom. It gives you a discernible sense of ease, an ability to condense, edit, and travel light and says about you that you have self-control and an overarching sense of perfection. It may not fit everything you own, but it does cover the essentials -- cell phone, keys, cards, cash and lipstick. What more does one really need?

I hate to end this debate with a call for diplomacy, but a stylish woman cannot survive her multi-faceted life without owning all sorts of bags. So let's drop the bickering.

Ladies, keep your totes around and add this season's must have, the mini. You'll thank me when you have that spur-of-the-moment business lunch or that sexy after office dinner.

Oh and by the way, the mini fits in the tote... Just in case...