04/17/2008 11:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Change is Here! Hillary and Barack -- Medium is the Message

The extraordinary long drawn out debates and speeches are now starting to sound like sly perspectives drenched in nefarious bullshit. I don't hear the message any more. The messenger has now taken over so abruptly that I guess the medium is now the message.

And if I am going to take a page from Marshal McLuhan, I might as well go on to quote him as well, "It is only too typical that the "content' of the medium blinds us to the character of that medium." Hmmm, well, the enigmatic, elusive little blurb must have something to do with the disillusioned state of the primary elections and politics in America.

The truth is, McLuhan could not have been more pertinent, now if Hillary and Barack are our medium through which we are understanding the message effectively being communicated, perhaps we need to take a deeper look at the characteristics of that medium rather than the phenomenal oratory skills or get caught in content that seems so confusing. On the other hand, the theatrical production of the message is still pretty cool even though it is mediated by the medium. How amusing that both Barack and Hillary are stuck in schoolyard scrutiny, humiliating and shaming one another with enormous insults and name-calling. Elitist? Now really? Cold? Come on? Really though, its all in a days work in Washington, so I guess you got to start somewhere right? And we all know practice makes perfect.

Despite the nauseating attacks we must endure for another few months between the presidential candidates, I have to say, the profound change exists in the fact that a WOMAN PRESIDENT or BLACK PRESIDENT is the point. From this moment on, our society has become something different. The social consequences of having an entirely new gender or race in the White House is the message. Are we missing the relevance of such a historic move? I hope not. I'm not saying the world will automatically become shinier or brighter because of it, I am merely suggesting that the change is the point. It's the electrical surge we needed. Now we can officially say we are in progress. We may just get through this election uncorrupted (yeah right) and see 'hope' (wouldn't that be nice for a change?)