07/07/2014 05:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Declaration of Joy


When did the feeling that being happy is frivolous take root in so many of us?

It's our own perverse protection mechanism that keeps us in a low vibrational loop for fear of crashing in case disappointment and pain hit. Simply put: We stay low so we can't take a plunge, or so we assume. And thus we remain in conditioned gloom -- 'cuz it's safe.

Proudly embody joy.

When we dare to stick our head out of our self-fabricated underworld hole of disaster, we deep-cleanse our psyche:

Life is living.
Life is celebrating.
Life is loving.
Life is breathing.
Life is sparkling.
Life is you.

Decide, right this very moment, to let go of the pain past.
Write it down, rip it apart, burn it in a fireplace if you need to.
Paint it, chop it, char it. Sing it, scream it, release it.

Embrace the grace of life. Now.