05/14/2015 06:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dispatch: Beauty Wellness Wisdom -- a Recipe for Pleasure


I'm Miriam Ava, founder of and ambassador of good taste. I love sharing messages that matter, one Dispatch at a time. Housekeeping: I'm not paid to report on the event below; I do it because it brings me pleasure and I want the world to learn about these great ideas. Photo credit: ABC Home except for the top one.

Once you walk through the grand, wooden portal you enter into the wonderland that's a sacred space for the senses. Ancient art, modern design, jewels for body, skin, and belly line the way to garments of grace and symbols of love. Solid stairs -- steps toward beauty, wellness, and wisdom -- are drenched in the embrace of soft rose fairy lights. You're entering the home base of gratitude.

ABC Home's annual flagship event Beauty Wellness Wisdom is an invitation to step into pleasure. Designed as a day-long retreat to recalibrate, explore, and inspire, BWW provides fertile ground to plant seeds of intention. And while one could be rigid and find the beauty part in the according appointments, wellness in the opening and closing rituals, and wisdom in the inspiring morning talks, the genius of flexibility extends these three epicenters into a triangle of treasures. Beauty is inextricably linked to wellness and wisdom; wellness springs forth from beauty and wisdom; and wisdom is rooted in beauty and wellness. Take the triangle of treasures as your compass to plug into the grid of joyful living.



Supporting the allowing in of novel experiences and the releasing of any thoughts of lack, the day kicked off with a true highlight while continuing to impress as it progressed. After Aya & Tyler had set the mood with their dreamy music and Sarah Platt-Finger held space for a moment of stillness, the featured speaker stepped on stage. Dr. Mario Martinez, clinical neuropsychologist, founder of the Biocognitive Science Institute, and author of the #1 bestselling The MindBody Code, shared his cutting-edge wisdom on how cultural beliefs impact health, longevity, and success.


Did you know that we co-author each other's biology by the cultural language we use to communicate? Did you know that "the immune system confirms the reality that you live," as Dr. Martinez put it? For easy reference, here are 5 key points to launch you into your best life (Gratitude Speaks interview w/ the Indiana Jones of healthy centenarians coming soon):

- Archetypal wounds (abandonment, shame, betrayal) and the associated healing fields (loyalty, honor, commitment) that can be engaged to resolve the wound.
- Cultural portals: We're constantly fed how we're supposed to behave at a certain age. The cultural chorus of misery goes something like this: "No kids at 35? You better freeze your eggs." "It's all downhill from 50 onward. And dress appropriately, you're not a young chick anymore." "You're 65, go retire. We don't really need you anymore." Sound any of this familiar? You bet. And it's time to change that. In order to thrive, it's vital to opt out of the man-made cultural portals. My two cents: Once you stop perpetuating those portals, you'll birth a new archetype, homo independus happiensis.
- Create sub-cultures of wellness: We're herd creatures and need to support each other. If the folks in your physical environment are vibing to the 'ain't it awful' tune, seek support through books, online communities, conferences, retreats, social media. Get in touch with like-minded people.
- Portals of synchronicity: Look for out-of-order events. These provide openings to follow new paths.
- If you have to have a marker, take this one: Middle age starts at 90.

The morning concluded with lively panel discussions by captivating speakers such as Gabby Bernstein, Tata Harper, Rose-Marie Swift, Candice Kumai, Stephanie Wakczak, and Hannah Bronfman who shared their stories and expertise on entrepreneurship, natural beauty, fitness, health, and divine flow. Since we are the world, we took the time to extend grace and cash to bring relief to Nepal via the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.




The afternoon filled the space with a rush of fresh energy as guests dove into their beautifully busy event appointments. Anything and everything, from culinary to aesthetic to cosmic to biocognitive, was taken care of: skin care, hair care, flower essences, chocolate, bouquets, astrology, MindBody Q&A. The ever-radiant Tata Harper taught several hands-on master classes; both Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty and Dr. Pratima Raichur of Pratima skin care offered one-on-one beauty consultations; luminous Tracie Martyn provided mini facials; Mordechai Alvow of Yarok hair gave mini styling sessions; Lotus Wei celebrated flower readings; the gorgeous Demitra Vassiliadis of Heaven to Earth Astrology offered fascinating snapshots of the state of the stars during one's birth; ZenBunni shared chocolate love; florists taught guests the art of the ABC bouquet; Dr. Martinez held space for an intimate, revelatory Q&A session that dove deep into the biocognitive process and offered practical tools. It was a full day in full swing with magic.

The retreat closed with a beautiful meditation and intention to carry forward the beauty, wellness, and wisdom generated during those precious hours. Mark your calendars for next year's event; it'll be well worth your time. Meanwhile, embody your pleasure.