05/15/2014 10:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Date the Muse: 5 Steps to Enduring Creativity


The muse can't kiss you when you're shut down: Allow magic in, that sound, ethereal, discernible, invisible stream from source. Catch the genius that likes to party in the precious, ephemeral seconds upon waking and falling asleep. Recharge and expand, for good.

When you reemerge from sleep, pause for a bit and focus upon something enjoyable: scenes you remember from your dreams, positive words that reverberate in your system, the dance of light on the ceiling, bright summer air flying in, birds chirping, telling you about ancient wisdom, breathe deeply and fully and smile -- it's a new day.

Hold space for the new
Give yourself time to regroup. We let go of our old selves when we fall asleep so every morning truly is a fresh start. Do what feels great and connects you best to your center -- meditate, stretch, breathe consciously, sit still, ground (stand barefoot on Mother Earth), pray, read (a physical book, nothing electronic), do yoga, receive, talk to your angels, listen, wrap yourself in a bubble of sparkling light and eliminate.

Get going
Cuddle, go for a walk, exercise, swim, cycle, recycle, do the dishes, soak up the sun, give; power pose (stand tall, arms in the air like a V, feet hip-width apart), feel your core, fly high, root deep, shake your body, move your mind and connect.

Create with joy
Give the speech, close the deal, bake the cake, make the announcement, write the code, pen the poem, fill the tank, cut the fabric, fly the plane, build the house, soar, communicate, plant, solve, design, juice, transform, educate, inspire, sweep clean, write, dream, dance, paint, sing, sculpt, envision, combine, see, feel, talk and embrace.

Run, sit by the beach, swing from a trapeze, rebound, get a pedi, count your blessings, laugh yourself loose, volunteer, create a beautiful meal, let go, be silly, hug, honor the day and invite the night.

The muse loves a life devoted to honoring your true self. She wants you to become who you are. She wants you to feel good. And when you feel good she'll want to hang out with you often.