08/27/2014 12:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Stuff of Love


the stuff of love
its matter, distilled energy
is the sun
it's why she rises

and with her
we dance:

the stuff of love is particles and cells,
dreams and beaming hopes

the stuff of love is warm clay
purifying our body,
and velvet whirlwinds
sweeping clear our mind

the stuff of love
is the city awakening to a great new day,
hot water to dried herbs
fingers, keys, intentions,

cobblestones speckled with the sediment of exhilaration,
pink sand refined by gods big and small,
floating on fire
we decide to be

amidst fog, and stars, and rays of gold,
we cast our votes
to live
the stuff of

the stuff of love
is a blessing
every moment
every moment

every moment