06/22/2015 05:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Your Soul On Solstice


On Summer Solstice, when the light is the longest, extend your soul to el sol. Plunge back into the ancient visceral knowing that the cosmos celebrates you. Relax into the soothing scent of summer skies and root into the fertile soul of the soil.

Shoot your beams of bold, gold gratitude into the universe, weaving now, right now, brightly into ever-present eternity.

Align your intentions with the sacred season of the year. Go outside, touch the elements, barefoot, heart to heart, ignite a dialogue divine. Bless the nature spirits, wild creatures of boundless life force. Dance with the herbs, and flowers, and sweet ferns of bliss. A vortex of change, beauty, boldness, and you. It's your soul on solstice. Align with the light. Soar with the sun.

Carry the new era forward because you. are. it.
Align with the light. Soar with the sun.