12/31/2012 12:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

2012 Year-End Remarks and Bests Of


My 2012 has been a year of plentiful hard work and it has been a fruitful year. In fact on December 30th I will share some of the fruit with you -- a new website that includes the page for my upcoming album "Are We Ready" and some songs to listen to. The album is in plans to come out on January 18th. I'm still looking for a venue for my release party and taking recommendations (don't be shy).

This year was full of events that were heart-breaking and mind-puzzling. As probably many of you, I am experiencing a stand off between real-life pragmatism and romantic hope for a better future. My whole life, including many times this year, I learned that what's possible doesn't always seem evident or probable. The knowing that what doesn't seem evident or probable can be possible is heartwarming to me. It keeps me in the game... What about you?

And now, ART BEAUTY LIFE blog -- Best of 2012:

Art, Honey and Explorations

You are a rock star, old lady

Saving butterflies

Of grave dangerous of inspiration

Little Problems in a Big Hurricane

Lastly, the next days will run out so fast bringing us to 2013. But in the mean time let's not forget that 100 percent of 2012 is still left.

Warm wishes for great things!

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