02/24/2016 04:58 pm ET Updated Feb 24, 2017

The Quest for Who Cares

Although it was sarcastic, someone said to me the other day... "See if I care..." We have all heard it at some time. But really, aren't we all on a quest to find someone that cares? That "See if I care" comment is designed to push someone away or belittle the person saying it. Yet "caring" is probably one of the greatest reasons for falling in love, because "I care." Or more likely, they care. Because if I care and they don't care then really, who cares? Because that's what tragic, unrequited love is right?

Caring can be a fickle thing. Sometimes we care about what's for dinner, and other times we don't. Yet when we really care, it's important that everyone else does too. Advertisers, public radio and various charities all want us to care about what they care about. Make a donation, show you care... Buy our "green" product and show you care.

We all know that our parents care, and our kids care. But really, that's almost an obligatory care. I think that crosses the line from caring into love most times... but even those that are hated by their family, or vice-versa, still care.

I confess, from time to time I used to look at the personal ads. They are nothing but a quest to find someone that cares. A long list of gottas that you have to have or they won't care. My boss thinks I should care because they pay me... as if anyone really works for money. I really don't care about money, well, not specifically anyway.

I do know one thing, I do care. No, not about the type of shoes I wear or what's for dinner. I care about people... what they do, what makes them tick, what makes them happy and most of all, I care about how I can help them in the quest to be cared about. But my quest to be cared about seems to have been life-long. Perhaps that's why I chose my profession as a therapist. Counter-transference? Or benevolence? Doesn't matter, I am who I am and I am not afraid to say... I care.