'Pin-Ups For Ron Paul' Women Help Spread Candidate's Message With Calendar, Movies (VIDEO)

Ron Paul's semi-secret -- and not actually affiliated with his campaign -- weapon is back.

"Pin-Ups for Ron Paul," a group of women supporting the Texas congressman's campaign for president, have released a new promotional video chronicling their quest to get him to the White House.

They burst onto the scene earlier this month, grabbing the attention of a number of news outlets, as well as TV programs such as The Colbert Report and Russia Today.

From a press release this week:

The calendar ... includes quotes from great statesman, authors and visionaries like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemingway, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., along with quotes from Dr. Ron Paul on current and timeless issues.

According to the release, the 12 women are students, writers, artists and businesswomen -- and they're all huge Ron Paul fans.

The project, spearheaded by Juliet Annerino, a personal trainer and musician who directed a similar pro-Paul project in 2008, has resulted in a calendar that costs $24.95, 20 percent of which goes to Paul's campaign.

She spoke to Politico recently about how her effort was helping to spread Paul's message.

"One of the best ways to do that is through aesthetics, through catching their eye with beauty," Annerino, who is also this year's "Miss July," told Politico. "It's a chance to see a pretty girl while also reading an educational and inspirational quote from Ron Paul."

Their latest video: