03/18/2013 08:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

GOP Launches Minority Courtship and Chris Christie's Tea Party Problem (AUDIO)

Saturday on The Mo'Kelly Show on KFI AM640, I previewed the highly-anticipated findings of the "Growth and Opportunity" project by the GOP. It is estimated that 71 percent of Latinos, 73 percent of Asians and 93 percent of African-Americans voted for President Obama last November.

Those numbers quantify what we already knew in a qualitative sense; the Republican party was not connecting with any voting demographic other than White men, virtually zero appeal in the African-American community. The continuing population shifts (i.e. explosion of Latinos in America) could no longer be ignored for those hoping for any Republican return to the Oval Office.

More importantly, somebody got the message that the mean-spirited messaging tone of years before would no longer be tolerated by party leadership.

Maybe... possibly. We shall see.

The "Growth and Opportunity" project is the culmination of an extended "listening tour" led by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, traveling the nation and entering into extended dialogue with various minority delegations. The questions and obstacles were clear to most, the level of sincerity was not. The answer of sincerity comes over the course of years, not just months removed from a given general election.

On the program I spoke with Glenn McCall, South Carolina National Committeeman and co-chair of the project regarding the report, now available at Listen and judge for yourself as to whether this is the dawn of a new Republican party, or to cynics, fresh lipstick on an old pig.

And speaking of Gov. Sarah Palin and CPAC for that matter...

I also spoke extensively with Dr. Bridget Melson, president and founder of the Pleasanton Tea Party, the largest Tea Party in the western United States. She gave a glowing review of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, winner of the CPAC straw poll and well as considerable concern and pause regarding New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

If there was any uncertainty as to whether Gov. Christie would have/has a Tea Party problem, it exists no more. As it stands, Christie will be hard-pressed to gain the "trust" (yes I said trust) and support of Tea Party conservatives.

If the president of the largest Tea Party in the western United States isn't supportive of Christie who boasts a 70+ approval rating in a blue state, it says that another contentious Republican primary season is on the horizon. Dr. Melson pulled no punches and minced none of her words. It is not likely you will find a more honest discussion of the Republican Party and its future anywhere in media.


Overall, a fabulous, civil... let me say that again, civil discussion on the ills of America, the past shortcomings of the Republican party and the direction of American politics. Hopefully Washington takes note. Not likely, but hell... it's always worth a try.

You can find the audio to my conversations HERE. The findings of the "Growth and Opportunity" project are available HERE.