01/05/2013 02:00 pm ET Updated Mar 07, 2013

Pets: The Greatest Stress Relief in the World

Whenever I come home from a long day at school, I am immediately greeted by my teddy bear of a dog, who is named Louie. Louie is a beautiful 80-pound mix of a treeing walker coonhound and a bluetick coonhound, and he is the greatest animal I have ever seen. I open the door to get greeted by the regular surprised bark, followed by a full sprint running up to me. He brings me a ball, bone, or a child's croc sandal he found in the park (don't ask) and slides along me as if asking to be scratched where he can't reach. This experience makes my day better every time it happens. I feel as though he takes whatever problems I have on my mind and helps me resolve them though a series of belly and back scratches.

I think that we as a human race feel as though we can't deal with our problems individually, so we confide in a best friend to whom we can say anything we want, and they will listen. I think having pets has actually helped humanity along our path to innovation and achieving happiness. Louie will loyally listen to me explain something in biology that I don't really understand, and sits by my side while I puzzle it out. He stops me from giving up and just moving on. Although sometimes I get out of the mindset of talking to the dog and ask myself, "What am I doing talking to you?" He then gives me a confused look as if to say, "Well, who else would sit next to you and listen?"

I truly believe that my dog and other pets around the world are silent heroes who take our issues and strife and make us look at them from a different perspective to properly deal with the situation. A perfect example is seeing-eye dogs. People who cannot help themselves have great dogs that can safely lead them across streets back home. They can open and close doors, including refrigerator doors. These dogs can even understand to stay near more populated sidewalks with people so that the owner doesn't get mugged or injured without there being people around to help. I believe that animals help us stay human more than we would like to admit. I also believe kind and docile animals such as dogs and cats were created, if a God exists, to keep us on a straight path and to help solve our everyday problems.