09/04/2013 03:06 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2013

How Hawaii Inspired My Career

What inspired your career path? What was that "aha!" moment that led you to believe no other job would bring fulfillment, joy, and undeniable happiness? As an aspiring professor turned entrepreneur, the answer lies in my Hawaii roots and in the hustle of Los Angeles where I currently live. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Pressure exists amongst many roles for entrepreneurs. First of all, there's the notion that entrepreneurs will be the saviors of the economy by reinventing old outdated business models. And that they are socially conscious human beings that care deeply about the environment (think Tony Hsieh). Then there's the financial pressure to make a living for you and your employees--because "if you do not kill your own food, you do not eat." And then finally, there is the pressure to maintain a healthy personal life.

I will admit here that I was declared "not date-able" because I am too in love with my business.

As my entrepreneur endeavors are becoming more of a hectic, some times unbalanced lifestyle, I realize, you have to be a little crazy to tackle such a career. Yes, I love my job because it brings joy and fulfillment. Undeniable happiness? Honestly, not all the time--especially when I'm sleep deprived. But the whole lifestyle of knowing that I can provide solutions to societal problems keeps me going. The way I work has Hawaii roots.

Growing up in Hawaii, I learned to embrace the "Aloha Spirit," which means to genuinely look out for the best in others. After living in Los Angeles and Osaka, Japan, I realized that the "Aloha Spirit" made Hawaii unique. I carry this idea into my work, which seems to thrive in every project.

I am in the business of new media. I'd like to stress that in my entrepreneur world, collaboration is key. To have a successful collaboration, it is important to look out for the best in your team and everyone you work with. To be society's saviors and to be socially conscious superheroes comes from collaboration. It is the heart of the entrepreneur movement and the recipe for greatness--both personal and professional.

I hustle in Los Angeles, but Hawaii's "Aloha Spirit" keeps me going and fulfilled. Living away from my hometown is sometimes hard, especially in a city where "The Aloha Spirit" is not around every ABC Store. But it's something I'll always keep with me no matter where I go.

Hawaii is a unique destination that provides joy and fulfillment for entrepreneurs like myself and beyond. As I speak to my colleagues and friends on the mainland about their experiences in Hawaii, I realize that the island provides balance and heart for locals and visitors alike.