06/25/2012 10:16 am ET Updated Aug 25, 2012

Mua Ha Ha... We're Alone!

Pup turned five months old this week. That means, I've had him for exactly three months now. Long enough, one would think, to have bonded with him. Long enough for him to see me as alpha, long enough for him to listen to me. Oh, how wrong I've been.

Every morning we have the same routine. Pup goes out for a very long walk with hubby and me. He walks like a dream. He gets pooped! Once inside the house, pup finds a comfortable corner where he curls up and "pretends" to take a nap. Hubby then has his coffee, a quick kiss goodbye and he's off to work. I'm alone with pup. Then the fun starts. Pup runs into the kitchen, takes a quick look around, notices no hubby, and he smiles (I swear it... I see the glint in his eye). Pup quickly runs upstairs, takes a look around. Sees 14-year old son still sleeping... and he smiles again. He runs back to the kitchen and the dance begins -- every morning exactly the same. He grabs the dish towel that's hanging from the stove. He takes it to the living room and precedes to annihilate it. I grab the towel from him. Pup then starts running run through the house in circles. The open concept suits him well. He runs from kitchen to dining room to living room in one complete motion. He moves so fast it is a blur. This goes on with me chasing him for about 10 minutes.

Once he's sufficiently tired, he goes under the coffee table in the living room. The ONLY place he's not allowed to go to in the house is on the living room carpet. He never goes near it when hubby and 14-year old son are around. With me, mua ha ha... we're alone! He looks at me from under the table knowing I can't get at him.

I then go to the laundry room to get his leash. He follows me. As a much younger puppy, he always chewed on our shoes. Two months ago, we started putting our shoes on our dryer to get them out of the way. Well, now at five months old, puppy is long enough so that when he stands on his hind legs, he has no problem at all getting to the shoes. This is our routine...every darned day. He grabs the shoes while I'm getting his leash and runs with a Croc back up to the living room carpet. I walk over to him, put the leash on him, and take him outside. I tie him to a railing with a long enough leash that he can play, pee, or sleep without ever becoming uncomfortable. Once inside, alone, and before son wakes up, I too, get to finish my coffee. The one I started with hubby one hour prior to my daily ordeal...

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