09/06/2013 06:59 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2013

Blonde Ambition: Amanda Seales Takes the Stage

Amanda Seales. You will definitely not mistake her for Madonna. Nor Beyonce. But her style and her edge may be a good comparison to those icons when it comes to her outspoken, raw and let-it-fall-where-it-may attitude. Her deliverance, her wit and her spellbinding beauty are very memorable, to say the least.

Don't let the hair color fool you, either. This woman is brilliant, outspoken and forward thinking. Holding a Masters Degree from Columbia University, her ambition and commitment to getting there is just as impressive as the women listed above.

Amanda Seales. Comedienne, TV personality, Smirnoff's Master of the Mix, music expert for VH1 network and former MTV VJ. Her colorful personality and humor cannot only be seen in her style of dress but the comedic deliverance she exudes in any situation.

Besides the obvious about her, Seales' business plan, her goal -- to conquer the media business world -- is ostentatious in the most amazing way, to say the very least. She is a self-starter, so not being limited to a position under a media umbrella makes her that much in demand, in my opinion. I quickly found out she is not only amazing in front of the camera but behind the camera as well.

During our interview, I had the pleasure of seeing that saucy side of her. She knows how to be poised and direct the conversation to her best interest and get her point across.

For many that may be a source of challenge, but I found her style of communication quite refreshing. I loved talking to someone who knows the business and is able to work with another professional to achieve a common goal. In the end, I get my message to my audience and she gets her point across.

This will prove a great asset for her if she ever decides to become a director. Gosh darnit, she could even have her own network at this rate!

Seales just completed her first one-woman show, "It's Complicated," in New York City and is ready to take it on the road. This show is based on her personal experiences and integrates the audience.

Being who she is, Seales brings out some heavy hitters by way of sponsorship during her shows. This just reinforces that she is a woman of substance and power... and understatement.

Seales has every intention to take her much needed conversation on the road to colleges, universities, and I would even bet my bottom dollar, to Broadway.

If I know Sari Baez Robles, her publicist, like I think I do, I can guarantee the show will go nationwide.

Seales is happy in her skin as a woman of color. She is happy with her hair and every curl in it. So please don't ever mistaken her for ever wanting anything different.

Her image, her brand, is hers.