06/05/2012 05:43 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2012

Shut Up And Drive

Not drive with the obvious meaning, but in the sense of what motivates, inspires, carries you through this life?

Whatever it is, it affects more people then you can imagine. Your mere existence for however long or short has touched someones life, good and bad.

But knowing this bit of information can do many things to you. It can cause you to become a better person, it can cause you to go into hiding, or cause you to thrive. But it does affect you and those in your life directly or indirectly.

As a young woman Mary J Blige, Nina Simone, Etta James, Eartha Kitt touched me and my soul in ways I couldn't dare confess out loud, due to shame, heartache, and feeling of loneliness, until I met some of them and heard some of their stories personally, or heard their music. I felt connected, I felt they understood my pain or my pain was familiar to them, they sang to me. It became my heart felt desire to meet them, with Nina Simone being the only exception, and sad our lives never crossed. Strange how youth could convince you that if only you could meet someone you admire, they would see the common bond we all share and they would change your life and make it better.

But today, that may be a weird thing to say out loud, almost stalker like. So I looked for other ways to form bonds with those I knew would understand my plight. I started to help others less fortunate then myself, that way it distracted me from my own pain, sorrow, disappointment. But what I found was that I wasn't only saving them, I was saving myself, they were bringing me unmeasurable joy, peace, that money, material possession could not give me.

Today young people have Adele, Kanye West, Jordan Sparks, Drake and Rihanna, whose song "Take Care" I am writing this article too. Once they take away the great beats that is produced and listen to the lyrics, they are deep. I often ask what kind of pain could young people be suffering that they could sing with such passion, and sorrow. I just have to turn on the news, and watch ID TV to see the horrors of the world that cause young people such pain. Bullying that goes on in the schools, it is horrific. I feel for them.

Then one day without looking for it I meet some God sent people that are moved by the condition of the world like I am and genuinely want to make a difference. You can't pay them to turn their back on our youth today. I present you with Teresa Weatherspoon, Legendary, honorable, motivated, driven, passionate and down right cool.

I met this amazing woman through a dear friend Kym Hampton, and Krystel Jordan the connectors of extra-ordinary people. It is with humble heart that I connect with Weatherspoon, AKA Spoon. Ask all that truly know me, I am a fan of all things women related. I am the cheering squad of those who empower women, motivate, encourage, support and educate our future girls. I spent months hearing how great she is from another dear friend Tyrone Tate, founder of Favrit Underwear. You hear enough about great people you eventually want to meet them. And meet her I did on the floor at court side seats at a WNBA game watching NY Liberty ladies take on the Lynx. Me in awe of being in her company could not help but hug her because I wanted some of that greatness to be transferred on to me. I didn't want to take all her power, because I realize she to needs it to continue to thrive, and shine, because through her greatness others will shine. I just wanted to absorb some of the rays of her awesomeness. To my surprised we connected instantly, and she being secure with her power of greatness willingly wanted to give of her strength.

Legend, Teresa Weatherspoon, Act One:

Current Position: Head Women's Basketball Coach at Louisiana Tech University.

Present position with WBNA: I don't have an official position, but when the Liberty calls, I just make sure that I am there to help.

Role Models: My parents, Charles and Rowena Weatherspoon.

Number of Siblings: I have two brothers and three sisters. I am the baby.

Were you raised by both your parents? Yes

What moves you to help young people? I don't want to see a young life lost. There is plenty of work to be done with our youth, but most of all I just can't bear to see a young life lost. I've seen the home life of many kids who think there is no hope. I just want to give them guidance and show them that you CAN break that chain and take a different path. I don't want kids to think their situation defines who they are, rather have them understand that their decision can change their situation. I feel this way about kids because growing up it wasn't easy for me. I know what it's like to have a dream and wonder if it will happen. I also know what it's like to fight to make that dream come true. But I had so much love growing up, and I now want to share that same love with every kid.

Which actress would you like to see play your life story? Vivica Fox, she was a former athlete. Sanaa Lathan, because of her role in Love and Basketball. Myself!

Name some of your favorite designers: Versace, Bugatchi, Dolce and Gabanna, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Kroon, and Movado

Must have beauty items
: Kiehl's Chapstick

Must have fashion items: Sunglasses and watches

What sort of car do you drive?: SS Camero, Mercedes G450 and BMW

Without sports, where would you be? That's a question that can't really be answered. I am where I'm suppose to be. This is my God given ability that I was born to do. I just made sure to maximize my abilities. I'm doing exactly what I should be doing. Sports has given me that platform to do ALL that I do across the country.

What legacy do you want to leave behind? I just try to do great things you know, and live my life in greatness. If one day you can open the dictionary and see greatness and excellence next to my name, then I'll be happy. I want to have an impact on people's lives. Did I give my time? Did I share? At the end of my life, if I've been able to impact just ONE person's life, then I've succeeded. That's all I want to do.

After the game, though the NY Liberty lost, Spoon gave the most winning speech of encouragement not to the players but to the loyal fans. The new fans, the first timers, the audience of supports. She reminded us the value of our presence at each and every game. The spirit, the encouragement, the power we too posses, would drive these women to play, on and off the court. If you were one of the few that had the honor of hearing that speech in person you wanted to do your Zena Warrior Princess cry and charge out of that stadium and find every human being and force them to attend the next game, you would promise them the moon and the stars. She moved the crowd. The speech was so amazing I posted it on my Facebook page. This is what I mean by "Drive", when one can move people to action, to make the impossible possible the difficult easy those are powerful characteristics to posses. But again that is just my opinion, you would have to see her in action. You would have to see these WNBA women in action. These women play fearlessly on the court, every single one of them. You can't help but cheer for them. You want nothing but the best for them all even the opposing team.

I sat next to President Scott O'Neil of the NY Liberty and seeing him cheer, commentate, coach from the seat was equally exciting. I can't imagine his disappointment seeing the seats not filled but you couldn't tell by the roars that came from him every time his girls scored. Father like pride, I could imagine, but a deeper pain not to see the seats filled to see his girls work hard and not many to enjoy the fruits of their labor. As a woman in business I know in order to stay in business the numbers have to add up, but how do you separate the two, when the girls mean so much, and then you have the bosses to answer too? I don't want to be in his shoes, but the reality is I am in his shoes. The more I get to know the girls, when I look out in the stadium and the empty seats are far to many for me to fool myself to think that from a business stand point they can continue at this pace.

So, how can I have an impact on the success on this game and the women that play this sport?How can I make a difference? The only way I know how to, put it in writing. So I decided to interview, introduce each extra-ordinary woman and introduce them to you. My fan's my supporters, my hero's, my family that keep me focused with my own personal goals. I will share you with them because they deserve it. They need it and the drive you have all given me, I need you to pass it on to these women. When you support them you support our community, our dreams, our future, our next generation of shakers and movers.