09/05/2012 10:40 am ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

Thank You, Michelle Obama

Dear Michelle Obama,

After watching your speech at the Democratic National Convention, I sat in awe experiencing first-hand, for the first time, how it feels to hear one of the greatest leaders of our country speak. Your confidence radiated through your smile as you comforted the crowd, giving them hope and showing them that you have no doubt your husband will perform well as president for a second term.

I especially want to acknowledge your ability to present your values in a way that includes everyone, even the members of the opposing party. It takes a true leader to be able to stand before a crowd -- so vested in your own party's success -- yet recognize that your party, like the Republican party, has one common goal: to make America a better place. This shows true leadership -- understanding the different points of view, acknowledging them, and ensuring your audience that you plan to include everyone as the country successfully progresses.

Mrs. Obama, thank you for defining success for this country. It is especially easy for people to forget, when suffering in an economic crisis such as this one, that the only way the country will be able to move forward is if the people of the nation work together. You said, "Success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square." That means no cheating, no lying and absolutely no shortcuts. In an age where using the fastest, most effective technology is the norm, shortcuts have become even more available and the uprising generation needs this reality check to understand that success is something to be earned.

The nation's success, though I do believe is a direct indication of the strength of their leader, is in the hands of the youth. You mentioned the importance of education and how, without a solid foundation of education for the children of this country, the future of it will be lost among the piles of debt from student loans. Again, as you defined, success means that no one gets left behind. The students of the nation thank you for supporting them on their journey to become scholars, and hopefully to send a message to the next generation as influential as yours.

Finally, please know that your role as a woman with this level of impact on a country will positively effect the future women of this country. As a proud member of an all girls' school where we are encouraged to confidently raise our voice in our community, you are a prime example.

Well done, Michelle Obama.

Many thanks,