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Jean Dream: What's Trending This Spring in Denim


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The idea of denim in Spring is not a trend, it's a staple. Every March, like the coming of warmer weather is certainly around the corner, so too is the arrival of denim in our wardrobes an undoubted fixture. What changes or trends every year is the way denim is cut, styled or accented.

There are several trends at play this upcoming season; Look forward to dusting off old jeans as looks are more a blast from the past, than a nod to anything new.


Denim Trends, Spring 2015

Trend 1 via Harper's Bazaar: The Flare is Back

Time to search the attic for your jeans from the 8th grade.


Trend 2 via Extreme Denim

Heavy accents. Exaggerated cuts. Wear and tear.



Trend 3 via Alexa Chung: The Denim Dress

Take cues from style star, Alexa Chung and nab yourself this perfect garment that will help transition you comfortably into warmer weather.



Trend 4 via The Skinny Jean, Remixed...

Don't worry, you don't have to toss your skinny jeans just yet. To be on trend this Spring, look to add a few rips and tears or opt to purchase baggier styles.


Trend 5 via Olivia Palermo : The Canadian Tuxedo

Style it how you want, The Canadian Tuxedo is here to stay...well at least for this Spring anyway. Here, Olivia Palermo pairs a denim pencil skirt and jean top.


Trend 6 via The Mom Jean

Mom or not, look to embrace the high waist + tapered leg look this Spring.


Trend 7 via Harper's Bazaar: Overalls

Especially three quarter length styles....




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