05/20/2013 12:07 pm ET Updated Jul 20, 2013

Liz Lemon...Come Back For Your Birthday

Happy Birthday to the comedic energy that has helped to propel me through these dark millennial days: Ms. Tina Fey. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I am compelled as often as possible to send on birthday greetings to the funny force known as Ms. Fey. When the news, both global and more intimate, becomes much too much to bear, I watch the reruns of 30 Rock, over and over, each time, catching a piece of funny business that I have missed because it is so chock-a-block filled with gems.

The Office served this role for me for a long time... before that, I suppose it was Seinfeld, and even Thirty Something. But 30 Rock... so much better than Effexor. And no weight gain except for the sandwiches I'm inspired to eat after watching Liz Lemon gorge on what we used to call in my neck of the woods, "hoagies."

The casting goes without saying... perfection. Perhaps it's because roles were written for specific funny folks, but they're all adorable... Even Lutz! And Mr. Baldwin...isn't it enough to have great politics and hair? He is such an accomplished comedian... smart and perfect timing. Tracy Morgan, your stomach should be at the Met and never before has narcissism been portrayed as well as Jane Krakowski's performances. Scott Adsit makes baldness sexy and Jack Mcbrayer ...well, makes me proud to be a country girl. And Judah... bear man!

Perhaps what organically called me to 30 Rock is that Ms. Fey and I share almost a birthday, a birthplace of Pennsylvania and left-handedness. What we don't have in common is that she must have had terrifically nurturing parents, who encouraged her talent and gave her a safe anchor in the world, from which to sail to such fascinating intellectual ports. Thank you to Mom and Pop Fey.

Liz Lemon, as a role model, shows us that we can be successful, be real friends with at least one "straight" man, poke fun without being mean and ultimately accept ourselves, and be accepted in the world, even with crumbs in our hair. I find it all incredibly encouraging. Happy Birthday, Lefty!