12/24/2010 03:55 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Farewell, Ms. Elizabeth

Unfortunately...Elizabeth Edwards will most likely be honored more in death than in life. We are solemnly saddened, and also disappointed in perhaps thinking she could pull off a miracle for all of us with Stage IV Breast Cancer.

Many Stage IVs had followed her story from day one of her cancer ordeal and personal setbacks. One of our sisters who passed a while ago was being treated at the same center with Ms. Edwards and sometimes gave us an update. It would appear she wanted "quality not quantity" of life.

Six years seems a short time, however it's a pretty good run with this disease. We tried to contact Ms. Edwards to join our select group in cyberspace -- a group we always say "no one really wants to join" -- to no avail.

Ms. Edwards' death is a major set back for our team. We thought perhaps because of her stature, finances and excellent doctors she may have pulled through and have at least gotten to what we call "NED" -- No Evidence of Disease. Alas, it shows that when it comes to research for Stage IV Breast Cancer we are still doing the dog paddle and instead of the dive for the gold.

As little as approximately two percent of research money is spent on Stage IV cancer. No wonder!! We always hear those wonderful cliches from the oncologists such as "well...the horse is out of the barn." I was stymied the first time an oncologist said that to me!!! And it seems that every oncologist since then has parroted those same words. So don't spend money on a dead horse, I thought??? It took me time to figure it out. ...the disease has already spread. I guess it pretty much sums it up no matter how you look at it.

We still honor our sister Elizabeth Edwards and admire her bravery. She fought on even while outside obstacles were sapping her strength -- the precious strength that could have been stored to possibly resist some of the disease. Many oncologists will tell you stress is especially detrimental to someone fighting Stage IV Breast Cancer.

Again, this resonates with the truth: there is no stature, no amount of money, no big facility, no big name that can save us from Stage IV Breast Cancer.

What the hell is wrong with this picture? How many more wonderful humans, wives, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, writers, artists, photographers, NASA workers, teachers, theologians, equestrians, skiers, scientists, singers, lovers, attorneys, zoo keepers, etc. will keep on dying everyday of this horrific disease?

Where have all the flowers gone, gone to graveyards, everyone?
When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

It's a very sad day for the Edwards family and an even sadder day for the hope so many of us had for her. We cannot let this slow us down, we will mourn her and scorn the disease that killed her to our very last breath!

Ms. Elizabeth... you are now among the privileged of all those who were in the club "no one wanted to join" "Club Mets." You have joined unknowingly, you are now in the company of all our sisters and brothers, who have passed from this disease from our distinguished group!

Dear Ms. Elizabeth, you were a lovely flower and will bloom again soon in another place and time, never forgotten.

Until next time,