11/07/2012 09:42 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

The xx Deliver a Spectacular Performance in Hollywood

A cemetery might seem like an unusual place for anyone to perform, but Hollywood Forever is not just any cemetery, and on October 13, The xx proved that they are not just any other band.
Romy Madley-Croft (vocals, guitar), Oliver Sim (vocals, bass) and Jamie "xx" Smith (percussion, production) make up the British indie trio. They have two albums under their belt: "xx" (2009) and "Coexist" (2012).

The gothic scenery of Hollywood Forever was the perfect background for the minimalist pop sound of The xx. The Hollywood sign visible in the night sky made the evening even more magical for Sim, who commented about seeing it as he performed.

Sim and Madley-Croft sang every song off their debut album, including old favorites "Islands" and "Crystallized." They intertwined standout tracks from their new album such as "Missing" and "Chained" into the set as well. Seeing The xx live brought new life to songs such as "Fantasy." The bass thumping in the background and Sim staring down the crowd made "Fantasy" something that is just not the same over headphones.

Not only was the performance good, but the production of the concert was also stunning. The band started the night with colors from the "Coexist" album art being projected on a thin sheet covering the front of the stage -- an ethereal beginning to the show. The crowd went wild when it suddenly dropped. The lights were synchronized to the beat of songs like "Intro," making the experience unparalleled; it almost seemed like Smith himself was controlling them.

The band has a devoted following. Concertgoers could be seen singing to every song throughout the night. The xx is not exactly sing-along music, which shows what a powerful stage presence the trio possesses.

The band has a similar appreciation for its fans. One of the sweetest moments of the night was when Sim ran backstage to get his camera and take a picture of the smiling crowd.

The trio finished off the night with "Stars." The slow, passionate song was accentuated with the actual stars dotting the night sky; the only way to describe the performance was magical. The crowd walked away calm, contented and stunned by an amazing performance by The xx.

The xx in Hollywood