02/07/2013 02:49 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2013

Your Natural Task Force

I used to say, "I want to change the world." I understand now that it was so naive. It's like saying I want to make sure the sun rises every morning. The sun is rising regardless, and in the same way, this world is constantly changing. It doesn't ask us, it is the way of nature.

But we do have a choice. Because one of the world's ways of changing is through us -- the people, and with our actions, we are choosing what I like to call our "task force" in this world. This is the field in which we "fit in" and work for to create this natural change in the world.

There are many different task forces that exist in the world. All are equally important and contribute to the change in our world. Each one of them is executed by millions of people, which most of whom have never met, and will never meet each other in their lifetimes.

What is your task force? It can be anything. Is it in the Economy? Entertainment? Social media? Education? Spirituality? Academy? Comedy? Arts? Science? Technology? Astronomy? Medicine?

At first sight, the various task forces seem different from one another, but they have one crucial shared value: they are all developing our world by creating new things. And development, is the goal of us all living on this planet. Therefore, they are all equally important.

Every day, whether we are aware of it or not, we wake up and start working for our "task force." Your task force can be anything- but know that with you -hundred of thousands of people, that you never met in your life, wake up and work with you on this task force. Are you working for creating a sustainable model in your community? Think about the dozens of thousands of people which are creating it right now, in their communities. They might be planning it in the same strategy you are, and they might carry out their plan in ways you never thought were possible. But you should know, that although you might never meet, they are working with you daily to initiate development in your task force, and together, from different corners of the globe, you are changing the world by creating new things in your task force.

Isn't it wonderful? Can we even begin to comprehend the extent of the impact our task force has in this world?

Imagine if we could meet all of our fellow "task force" colleagues. It could be so empowering.

Meeting a partner from your task force is thrilling. You can immediately recognize him. The emphasis he/she puts on your shared mission, the spark in their eyes from the same things, the natural way of understanding what you have to say.

Being in the same task force doesn't mean you are going to become partners. Maybe you disagree on the strategy, perhaps it's the wrong timing, or you have a different target market. But still, just meeting these people that are motivated by the same issues that you are motivated by, can empower and teach you so much. It can give you fuel for a year.

This is what international networks, such as the "Global Shapers community" enable us to truly experience. You meet a person from a different country for the first time, and you discover that he/she was actually your partner for years without knowing each other. You have a different background, different political opinions, different habits- but it doesn't matter- because if you happen to be in the same task force, you can bridge across all the rest.

I recently returned from the Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. In one week, I had the privilege to recognize several people in my task force. That was unbelievable. One person is overwhelming as it is, and meeting several of them in the same place is unbelievable. In one week I earned the lessons of a year.

So, after this experience, there are two things I can say I have learned: First, the best way to ensure that we can actually run into partners from our "task force" worldwide is to be who we are.

No matter which circumstances, make sure you always keep it real. If you will start calculating your actions, pretending to be someone you are not, people from your natural task force won't recognize you. Who you are is enough, and the people you'll meet will be the perfect people for you- trust it.

Second, once you meet these partners, no matter where you are, make some time for exchanging ideas, and nurturing each other, because you are practically in the same team on this planet.

At a conference, it's more important to empower and be empowered by your task force, than trying to convince someone else your cause is just.

And remember, when you get lonely, and things feel a little hard, think about your global task force -- people that are waking up just like you and working for the same mission.

You might never meet them in person, but you should recognize they exist. Google them, friend request them or even "just" visualize them, but know that in your actions you are empowering them as well.