01/03/2012 11:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sister, Sister: Christmas 1998

'Sister, Sister' is a recurring column about the adventures of real-life sisters Allison (17) and Natalie (15) from Kansas City, Missouri. You can also find them on, their official high school newspaper.

Christmas 1998 was one for the record books. Maybe not the record books, but definitely the memory banks. It seems like whenever our family recalls a Christmas memory, it is from 1998. And it all began on Christmas Eve...

Allison: I feel like we could write a blog on this video alone! So much to talk about. In regards to "flashing the congregation," I most certainly did not. I was simply fixing my tights that were falling down. No bare skin was shown; I was completely clothed in our identical blue dresses.

Natalie: Obviously they weren't "falling down" -- did you see how high they were already pulled up? Your need to pull your undergarments up as high as possible was a source of embarrassment for our entire family. You may have missed it, but you can hear our mom say "Oh Allison..." as the crime is being committed (see 0:52).

Allison: If we're going to focus on clothing, then it's crucial to realize that in this video we are always wearing matching outfits. Not just matching Christmas Mass dresses, but matching Christmas PJs. No wonder people used to think we were twins and still do.

Natalie: No, people think that because I'm wise beyond my years, but that's another debate for another blog. Things quickly took a sour turn when we awoke on Christmas morn...

Allison: Two things become evident starting with this video and are present in all the remaining videos. First, something is clearly wrong with me. Whether it be a case of the flu or of the humbug remains to be seen. Second, for every present she opened, Natalie "knew she wanted this!" Make a game out of it and try to find all the signs of me being under the weather and all the times Natalie uses her famous saying. We will give you a grand total at the end.

Natalie: My favorite part of this video is Allison holding up her new stuffed unicorn in a deranged manner. There are some great moments in the next video, as well.

This video is probably the most joyous of all the videos in this blog. After all, it starts off with me laughing at my new Beanie Baby despite not knowing what it is.

Allison: There is a beacon of hope for me when I seem excited about recieving the Snoopy toothbrush, that matches my pajamas no less. However, the next video captures me at rock bottom.

Natalie: Please ignore the extended shot of my diapered backside and focus on the dialogue.

Allison: By this time, my parents have asked several times about my well-being. I finally give in and admit to being "tired". However, I put aside my drowsiness momentarily to open more presents. For a good laugh, pay attention to how Natalie pronounces my name in this next video.

Natalie: I'm not sure how I got from "Allison" to "Assin," but I don't know why I no longer call you that.

Allison: This video really shows the true spirit of Christmas. Two sisters exchanging gifts that they clearly didn't buy for each other, and then not thanking each other for them.

Here I am seen opening a police officer and a firefighter costume from the beloved children's store Noggin Noodle. I had visited the store previously, so I knew that there were three different outfits and that I didn't get the doctor one. The moment when I ask my mom where the doctor one is has to go down as one of the top five worst moments of my life. Not because I was deprived a doctor's costume (and subsequent career in the medical field), but because I was a little brat. I am ashamed of my actions to this day. In the end, though, I think it can be traced to what all of these bad signs have were pointing to. I threw up 5 minutes later.

Natalie: No worries, sis. I've had a ton of brat moments in my lifetime, and I didn't even throw up five minutes later. Therefore, we'll forgive you for this one, but I'll still bring it up every Christmas.

For those of you who kept track, here are the results of how many signs of Allison being sick there were and the number of times Natalie said "I knew I wanted this!":

Signs of Allison being sick

  • reluctant to go open presents
  • refused to sit in Jeep
  • held up unicorn Beanie Baby in deranged manner
  • video 4 in its entirety
  • sassy comment about not knowing what was in the present she was about to open
  • questioned the whereabouts of the doctor costume

Times Natalie said "I knew I wanted this!"

  • when seeing the Cinderella Barbie
  • when pulling the Barbie underwear out of her stocking
  • when opening the Cinderella music box (or as she called it, the "sing-along")

We would like to wish you a happy holiday season and we hope that you will comment below about funny memories you have had with your family both this year and years past. Until next time, see ya sistas!