11/14/2012 12:27 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2013

Nate Berkus On How America Lives: United, Strong And Resilient In Times Of Need

Since HuffPost Home came to me and asked me to blog about how we live in America, two major things happened to put that topic front and center on the evening news all across America. First, Hurricane Sandy spun up the eastern seaboard, leaving devastation in her wake. Then, a winter storm struck, compounding the suffering in many storm-ravaged areas.

Both of these events, while awful, reaffirm my faith in how we're living in this country. Yes, there was a storm, but in its wake, neighbors checked on neighbors and those lucky enough to escape the water opened their doors to take someone in. When the second storm came, people were there again shoveling driveways, dispatching blankets and sharing warm meals.

Point is, how we're living isn't about a mathematical equation it's about a human equation. It's people turning up in tough times, offering themselves toward a solution. It's a hug when you stand in a pile of wood and nails and mourn for the loss of every single solitary item you own, fighting tears and trying to find the grace and faith to know you can come back from it. And you can. You will. We will. That's the beauty of home and humans, we're resilient. Your four walls will be rebuilt, your faith will be restored and the tragedy of what was lost will be healed with the optimism about what is yet to come. That's how we live in America.

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Hurricane Sandy Relief Donations

Even if you don't live near New York or New Jersey, consider these ways that you can help:

  • Restore The Shore: Visit this Facebook page to find out where you can drop off or ship blankets (among other much-needed goods) to hard-hit coastal communities in NJ.
  • Red Cross: Donate online or via text message to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.
  • Federal Emergency Management Association: Visit the government's Hurricane Sandy relief site to learn more ways you can volunteer and donate to areas in need.

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