05/27/2015 10:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mindset Hacks for Acing the Interview


So you diligently researched the organization you most wanted to work for, you carefully crafted the perfect resumé, and you used every trick in the book to successfully land yourself an interview for your dream job, but now what? You want this job so badly, and so much is riding on this next step.

You really need to impress these people; you need to woo them; you need them to like you enough to actually hire you. And one of the best things you can do to improve your odds of actually closing the deal and getting that job offer is to engineer your own success by using simple mindset hacks to help you ace the interview.

Mindset Hack #1: Dress to impress.

By this point in your life, you already know that an interview is not the place to showcase your favourite casual Friday golf-shirt and khakis. Man or woman, the interview deserves your best suit if you want to show you're serious about this opportunity. But one of the biggest reasons for dressing well in an interview is not to impress the board members; it's to give you that little mental boost that says "Oh yeah, I am so ready for this thing!"

When you look good, you feel good, and you bring that feeling with you into the interview room - your whole demeanor and energy can be affected, and can affect those around you, just by changing what you're wearing. Use it to your advantage!

Mindset Hack #2: Believe you'll achieve.

One of the most effective techniques you can use to tip the interview scales in your favour is to believe in yourself: believe that you deserve this job; believe that the interviewers will love you; believe that you will be successful in getting the offer. Don't be cocky, obviously, but trust in your own abilities and trust yourself.

When you really believe that something is a given, you're more likely to take the actions that are necessary for creating that success. When you don't believe it's possible, you're less likely to even try and make it happen, and far more likely to say or do things that actually undermine what you're working for.

Mindset Hack #3: Work the energy.

Energy is a palpable thing, and it is contagious. Think about it: How many times have you been in a situation where someone walks into a room and either brings down the energy of the entire group because they're in such a bad mood, or vice-versa -- everyone around suddenly seems to be happier and more upbeat all of a sudden just because the person who came in was in such a good mood?

Use this effect to your advantage by deliberately taking control of the mood in the interview room and creating the kind of setting that will be most advantageous to you. Get it into your head that you are exactly the kind of person these people are looking for and then walk into that room projecting the kind of energy you want to be associated with: strong, confident, and friendly.

Acing the interview begins with your mindset. The most successful interviewees are not passive outsiders to the process; they are active participants in creating the kind of situation most likely to serve them. Using these simple mindset hacks for acing the interview will help you to align your thoughts and actions with your desired outcome and make you more likely to get the job offer you're after.

Nathalie Thompson is the author of Seven-Minute Stress Busters and the founder of, your guide to mastering the methods and mindsets of success and transforming your dreams into reality. For more inspiration, sign up now for free access to her Build Your Best Life video course!

This article originally appeared on the Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters job search blog.

photo credit: (c) Nathalie Thompson