11/30/2011 05:53 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2012

7 Awesome Things About The Holidays (PHOTOS)

Dear Huffington Post readers,

Hello again!

My name is Neil Pasricha and I'm a no-name 32-year old guy who lives up in Toronto,
Canada. After a rough patch in life I wrote a book called The Book of Awesome and then The Book of (Even More) Awesome, which were based on my website.

The good folks at Huffington Post let me share some awesome things with you a couple times
over the past two years and they asked me to come back and share a few more about the

And well, I don't know about you, but I think holidays are stressful.

Long shopping lists, tricky travel, and visiting in-laws all snowball into busy weeks of
blood boiling bliss. After all, when that tree's wedged up high, when the presents are all
wrapped, when the party dress is squeezed on... well, sometimes you just want eggnog
and a nap.

And that's why we're putting out The Book of (Holiday) Awesome.

It's meant to be a little escape between gravy boats and Christmas lights, between holiday
and board game nights. Because sometimes between Christmas card stresses and
dinnertime messes, it's easy to forget we're celebrating some pretty big things.

Like love, big hugs and solid family time right when we need it most.

Have an awesome holiday,