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INFOGRAPHIC: How Businesses Are Really Using The Cloud -- And What They're Getting From It

Adam Clement   |   October 24, 2013   10:22 AM ET

There's a lot of noise about how cloud computing is being used these days, and while the conversation can be as nebulous as its namesake, there's truth in the old saying: Where there's thunder there's lightning.

IBM surveyed more than 800 decision-makers and cloud end users from around the world. What they found was that early adopters drive significant competitive advantage through cloud. See how else businesses are using cloud computing in our infographic below!

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Survey Says: How Businesses Are Really Using The Cloud
by WaywardAndSons.
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The New Era of Cognitive Computing (VIDEO)

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As intelligent computer systems become more adept at learning and adapting, they are introduced into new industries and forge relationships with humans that recall something from a Science Fiction novel. Here, IBM researcher Eric Brown shares Watson’s new role in healthcare and leaves us in awe of the possibilities the technology can bring to the human life through medicine.

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Taming Big Data: Small Data vs. Big Data

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Certain things cannot be overlooked when dealing with data. Best practices must be instituted for the care of big data just as they have long been in small data. Before enjoying big data's amazing analytical feats, you must first get it under control — with tools that are up to the challenge of implementing best practices in a big data world.

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WATCH: IBM + UCLA's WorkStrong Program Takes Preventative Stance for Employee Health

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The University of California recently launched a wellness program for employees who have sustained an injury in the workplace. This program, started in 2011, is called "WorkStrong" and its goal is to help the university's employees get healthier and stay injury free.

This effort runs across the University of California campuses to provide WorkStrong services, which includes personal fitness training, direction from a registered dietician, and a manager to keep the participant engaged and motivated.

The program was put in place in part with the help of IBM Smarter Analytics, which helps to identify risks and lower costs based on analytic research. Once in place, the program helps reduce costs by getting employees healthy again and helping to reduce their risk of future injury. So instead of paying for injuries, the University winds up paying for a healthy, vibrant employee community.

See how the program is helping employees right now in the video below.

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