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When Losing Is Winning

When Losing Is Winning

Sue Shanahan  06.18.2015
None of our efforts in life are ever wasted. We can't always see the reverberations of good intent, but they ripple forever outward just...
10 Ways To Successfully Handle Defeat

10 Ways To Successfully Handle Defeat

Doug A. Sandler  06.17.2015
As I think back to the many business defeats I endured, restarts in my career and flops that I have experienced, I share with you 10 ways...
7-Step Formula for Success

7-Step Formula for Success

Blayne Davis  06.15.2015
Countless self-help books flirt and kiss but rarely go all the way. Perhaps because for the most part it's the commercial appearance of...

Why Winning and Losing Can Both Be Amazing

Tricia Spencer  06.11.2015
I lost, but it feels like a win. Joining about 7,500 other people, I pursued a dream, and just doing so paid unexpected dividends.

The Power of Building Winners Instead of Trying to Win

George Bradt  05.20.2015
No baseball player bats 1.000. No salesman closes every sale. No forecaster gets it right every time. The best coaches know that if they...

A Little Person's Antidote to Bullying

Johnathan Lee Iverson  05.12.2015
Imagine there's nowhere you can go where you are not the curiosity that tempts roving eyes and odd glances. Imagine that your very presence...
The Most Important Thing You Forgot to Do Today

The Most Important Thing You Forgot to Do Today

Iain S. Thomas  04.13.2015
We are taught that certain things are essential for us to be successful human beings. That there is an unknown and ever changing series...
5 Reasons Tiger Woods Can Win the 2015 Masters

5 Reasons Tiger Woods Can Win the 2015 Masters

Steve Siebold  04. 7.2015
Champions like Tiger Woods are always charting and changing their course to be certain everything is on track. Tiger didn't just come to...

What Truly Matters in Youth Sports? Hint: It's Not the Sport

Bethany & Daniel Henderson  03.23.2015
We adults tend to think we have all the answers when it comes to youth sports. We adults can pontificate all we want, but the thing that...

Where Does God Go When We Lose?

Levi Ben-Shmuel  03.18.2015
In defeat, there is a tendency to close down and be judgmental. When we get down on ourselves, it is easy to forget that the Divine is...

Learning From Mistakes

William B. Bradshaw  03.14.2015
The important thing is to remember what you have learned from a failure of the past and apply it to your life today, as well as passing...
Are Youth Sports A Societal Panacea?

Are Youth Sports A Societal Panacea?

Luis Fernando Llosa  03.13.2015
Our intentions are good, but the end result can be surprisingly toxic.

4 Ways to Make a Real Life Change

Steve Siebold  02.25.2015
Michael Jackson said it best in his 1988 hit song "Man in The Mirror" -- "I'm starting with the man in the mirror; I'm asking him to change...
Goals, Rainbows and Gold

Goals, Rainbows and Gold

Claudine Chicheportiche  02.19.2015
People usually set goals because they want the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is awesome, and pots of gold are too. But the...