11/15/2012 04:06 pm ET Updated Jan 15, 2013

Islamophobia Strikes Out in South Florida

It was the bottom of the ninth, one out, game all tied up, bases were loaded and U.S. Congressman Allen West was on third base and U.S. Congressional Candidate Adam Hasner was on second. They were ready to make the winning runs. The Tea Party was last at bat and boy-o-boy did they think they were Ryan Howard from the Phillies.

Lois Frankel pitched a fantastic game, but the Treasure Coast saved their most prominent pitcher for the last inning. U.S. Congressional Candidate Patrick Murphy took the mound. Murphy winds up for the first pitch and throws a 98-mph fast ball, Tea Party swings and misses, "Stee'rike One" yells the umpire.

Murphy grins and catches the throw back from the catcher. Murphy winds up and throws the second pitch; the Tea Party pops one up to the second baseman, he catches it and throws it to the short stop. Hasner was to confident and forgot to tag up, the short stop immediately tagged him out. Hasner graciously accepted his mistake and smiled and jogged off the field.

Murphy gets the throw back and the pressure of the last batter starts to settle in. His grin turns into complete focus as he thinks of the last pitches he will throw. Murphy winds up, and throws a slider, "Stee'rike One" yells the umpire. The crowd burst into cheers, yelling Murphy, Murphy, Murphy! Murphy winds up for the second pitch, he throws a curve ball. "Stee'rike Two," yells the umpire. The crowd goes crazy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy!

Murphy gets the throw back and prepares to throw the last pitch. Allen West is the winning run and he is anxious to score. Murphy winds up, throws a fast ball, but the pitch is wild and gets behind the catcher. The first base runner takes off to second; Allen West takes off. It's a race to home plate, Murphy got a jump on West but it was very close. The catcher picks up the ball, turns and throws it to Murphy. Murphy kneels down and tags West. The umpire yells "You're Out!" West jumps up and down screaming and yelling I'm not out, are you "Nuts!" All the players run up to the pitcher's mound and celebrate.

The victory was celebrated all over the United States by the Muslim community. Murphy and Frankel took out the Tea Party's most rabid anti-Islam/Muslim politicians in South Florida.

It seems the Tea Party wave has crashed and burned, taking anyone that has any affiliation with it down with them. It's pretty bad when individuals that have their picture taken with Allen West have to explain who, what, why, where, when and how they were standing next to the Congressman. I find it ironic that the same tactic the Tea Party uses against any and all prominent Muslims is now being used against them and those who support them.

This is how toxic the Tea Party has become in Broward County. They have been rejected by the voters of South Florida.

In the mean time Allen West is still kicking the clay on the umpire's shoes in protest of his defeat, after all he was the most popular and highest paid player in the league. Unfortunately for West, this game was won by those who oppose xenophobia and intolerance, but there will be more games and definitely more individuals like Allen West and Adam Hasner. Having said that, after everything Allen West and Adam Hasner have said and done to the Muslim community in the United States, we wish them the best in their future endeavors and pray that God guides them to peace. Ameen!

Good game, Patrick Murphy and Louis Frankel, good game!