04/28/2014 11:39 am ET Updated Jun 27, 2014

Promposal: the Movie

As a veteran educator, I have had the pleasure, year after year, to be around some of the most talented and inspirational students there are anywhere. I am also reminded that, not only does chivalry still exist, but it is more apparent now than in any other previous generation, including mine... at least when it comes to asking someone to prom, better known as a "promposal." Promposals have become the norm in schools, as there is no such thing as just asking someone to prom anymore. From flash mobs to creative peer-involved spectacles that make the most romantic marriage proposal appear amateur, it has become obvious that high school students are raising the bar and keeping chivalry alive... kind of.

So, in order to show the world the extent to which some students are willing to go to ask the loves of their teenage lives to prom, one of my very talented students and future award winning director, Tariq Bryan, made Promposal: the Movie, a film that features some of the most epic promposals of this year at my school, Union High School, in Union, New Jersey. Get ready to be awed and become teary eyed, and, guys, maybe take some notes for when you plan out your marriage proposal.