06/05/2013 05:10 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Finding 'The One' at LA Pride

As Los Angeles Pride approaches I can't help but feel giddy reminiscing about all the outrageous fun I've had there in the past. I've been going to LA Pride for about 13 years now; have been on the Grand Marshal float for the last three; and this year my relationship-focused gay dating site is a proud sponsor and we are marching. I've attended Pride events with boyfriends and when I wasn't in a relationship, and what I've learned is that Pride is a great place to meet other relationship-minded singles.

Case in point: I actually met my second boyfriend while walking the parade route one deliciously sunny Sunday many years ago. Although that hot and spicy relationship didn't last long, it's proof that Pride is a place where serious relationships can form and flower. Listen, you do the math: There are hundreds of thousands of people who attend each year, so there has to be a large number who are single. Considering LA Pride draws a distinctly diverse mix of attendees from all aspects of our community, you're bound to see someone who fits your physical type. And finding someone who has something in common with you is as simple as finding what you like most about the Pride experience. And there's so much to choose from! Every year there are amazing live performances, parties, and art exhibits. One of the most exciting things about this year's Pride is the debut of the #IMAGINE Lounge. This is an outdoor lounge within the Pride festival that is part club and part social media experiment. Besides being an additional place to mingle, you can use it to expand your online network as well.

If you are intimidated, don't be. Though West Hollywood gay men have a rep for being cliquey, Pride is the time when they -- and the out-of-towners -- let their guards down. So let me pass the bravery baton on to all my "single ladies" out there. Like I said, there's a pretty good chance there will be someone out there this weekend who will tickle your fancy. The hardest part is having the courage to talk to him. Pride (and perhaps a drink or two) will help lower your inhibitions, so go ahead and take advantage. And hey, who knows where a little bravery will take you? Maybe even down the aisle.