06/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Real Nightmare Ticket

"What does Hillary want?" Nobody can say for sure! (Other than to be President, I mean.) It's the day after Barack's glorious coronation and emotions are running high. Exultant Obama supporters (unlike their classy & magnanimous candidate) are crowing and sending around videos like this (good job putting it together so quickly, by the way)--

--while the sour and self-righteous Harriet Christians of the country are grimly vowing to kneecap their own party because an "inadequate black male" got the nomination instead of their woman. Everybody's got a different idea about what Hillary's next move will be, but at this point it seems pretty fair to say she'll do almost anything for power.

So what's the next best thing to being president? vice-president. But Obama doesn't like her, doesn't want her, and certainly won't let her pull a Cheney and hook puppet strings to the back of his neck. She'd be better off as McCain's VP pick. Her supporters would cross over--probably enough of them to cancel out the die-hard Republicans that he'd lose by choosing her. And those die-hard Republicans wouldn't move to Obama to replace the Democratic defectors -- they'd vote for Bob Barr or write in Huckabee's name.

The McCain-Clinton ticket would win the election and, considering McCain's age, Hillary would be looking at a much better shot at being president than she would have been as Obama's VP. And she'd be the monster that destroyed the Democrats -- who would totally deserve it, because they were just too selfish and immature to see that they owed her the presidency.

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