06/21/2013 11:09 am ET Updated Aug 20, 2013

Return to Super Sweet Sixteen

Being a June baby has the biggest advantage of all the birthdays. I'm not saying being born in June is superior to all the other months but it kinda is: We have the best weather, it's the kickoff to summer and the greatest part is that it's six months until the panic of Christmas sets in, which means no holiday stress.

Every year, because I was born on the 21st of June, which is a week after Father's Day, we celebrated my birthday on the 16th because it was easier than trying to plan parties during the week of or after my birthday. But that didn't mean I got slighted; in fact, I got double the parties because I got a party with my school friends and my family, a theme party for one and a pool party for the other because it was usually the hottest day of the year.

I loved having two parties because, well, the spoiled brat in me loved having all the cool presents from my friends and my aunts, born shopaholics, always got the latest in fashion or toys, a lot of which I would stash at their house or wear when my cousins and I would sleepover.

For the past few years, because I've been sick, I haven't really celebrated my birthday in a big way because, well, although it's an accomplishment I actually made it to another year, I've just wanted it to be so low key especially this year with having had another surgery but next year, my final year in my 20s, I wanna a blow out like My Super Sweet 16 Birthday Parties.

I'm not saying I want one of those parties that cost more money than I paid for my car but I would love a turning-29 Super Sweet Sixteen Party with a DJ, tons of food that my mother won't drive me nuts by making me going up and down a flight of stairs every 20 seconds, in fact, I want the type of party where I'm not called for anything except hostess duties.

In my mind's eye, I can see where the tables are with purple and black tablecloths, sunflowers in fish bowls, none of that confetti stuff because I think it's a waste not to mention it goes everywhere, big banners everywhere, maybe some vintage posters on the wall, Maybe in a room of a nightclub with a retro vibe.

Being learning disabled makes it kind of of hard to make friends, outside of Facebook and Twitter, but I'd still like those friends, my old high school friends and maybe some friends from my neighborhood who've moved away just gather together. It would be interesting to see how very different people interact with one another, almost like a lesson in human behavior, and throw my family into the mix. It's something I can and would always remember.

I think those chariot things with four huge guys carrying a girl is so tacky but I do like the idea of sitting in like a huge throne chair at the head table is so cool, sort of like a princess looking over the peons, but I don't want to sit by myself. I would reserve the seats at my table for specific people, mainly my family.

The food I would have at my Super 29th Birthday party wouldn't be the typical BBQ I usually have for my birthday, burgers and hot dogs. I'd want corn dogs, pizza fun carnival foods that you wouldn't normally have at a party, finger foods because I'm all about the foods, mixing it up but I'm also a dip addict so I want tons of dips and spreads at my party.

The piece de resistance of my party will be the cake. I saw a picture of a cake on Pinterest in the shape of Bettie Page, the original pinup queen who I think is so cool. She's vintage and classy, that will also be black and purple.

In having a huge party like this, I would ask that instead of gifts, my guests would donate to my favorite charity St. Jude, which is a research center into not only childhood cancer, which many of my friends have dealt with, but also immune disorders and learning disabilities. It's the perfect place to donate my gifts.

I know it's kind of crazy to plan a party a year in advance but things happen so quickly and I want to take advantage of the year to make everything perfect. It'll be the last big party I have before I either have a baby or get married, it's fun to just think about because nothing's set in stone and I can change my mind without going into debt. When I picture my party, it's like being a kid all over again, the excitement and buildup that I haven't had in four years, nothing to get tremendously excited about. I think it would be just a good time all around.

Life moves so fast, we need to sometimes let go of our everyday life and just let loose, to whip our hair around, drink a cocktail and dance ridiculously to music that's loud enough to deafen everyone.

What's your idea of the perfect party? Who would you invite, what would you have for food and music?