05/12/2014 04:12 pm ET Updated Jul 12, 2014

Why Would You Walk a Marathon in Your Bra Around New York City?

I don't know if you were one of the drivers who honked and cheered us on as we power walked down the FDR in our glorious decorated bras last summer, or if you were one of the many people on that July evening who helped us to raise thousands of dollars so that Walk the Walk could grant funds to Memorial Sloan Kettering's Breast Examination Center in Harlem, to help ensure that all women get the benefit of the right breast care treatment.... but what I do know, is that you now have the opportunity to join the fun this year!

On July 26 at Randall's Island, I will be leading, with Walk the Walk, the launch of The MoonWalk NYC 2014 Presented by Empire BlueCross BlueShield, and along with thousands of Walkers, will unite to Power Walk a half or full Marathon overnight in bedazzled bras to raise money and awareness for breast cancer causes. It's girl's night out -- redefined... although make no mistake; the boys will be there too!

The MoonWalk, the flagship event for the charity and now in its 18th year in the UK, is a much-loved and now iconic night supported by our Patron HRH Prince Charles, not to mention a host of celebrities that over the years have given their stamp of approval from Paul and Stella McCartney to Richard Branson and Bette Midler etc., I have always wanted to bring this very special overnight challenge to the city that never sleeps. Or rather, bring it back to the city that never sleeps...

Truth be known, New York City was where the inspiration for Walk the Walk all began --
following a very unusual dream, I decided to make the dream come true and power walked the 1996 NYC Marathon with 12 colleagues in our bras and raised £25,000 for breast cancer causes. It was inspiring, empowering and fun -- it was meant to be just a one-off idea, but only weeks later, I learned that I had breast cancer myself, those around me felt desperate to do something to help. The solution was something that we could help more women and men to get fit and healthy, while raising money and awareness for breast cancer... another walk!

Fast forward to today, Walk the Walk has encouraged over 300,000 MoonWalkers to take part and have raised over $144 million dollars to support research into breast cancer, and those affected by cancer now. We organize annual MoonWalks in London, Edinburgh, Iceland and now, this July, will see our second MoonWalk in New York City, where thousands of people will take to the streets of the East and West Side and Power Walk in decorated bras to raise money and awareness for breast cancer causes.

The bra has become the trademark for Walk the Walk challenges, inspiring empowerment, fun, fitness and perhaps most importantly really making a difference to our own health and to those with cancer.

Come and celebrate with me! Applications and entries are available at Register now and you will have plenty of time to follow the training plan and receive all our committed support to help you cross the Finish Line.

But remember, no matter what exercise you do, nothing replaces walking, and not only that, with exercise and physical activity, a proven part of cancer prevention, it's time to take action. Just sign up now... and start Walking the Walk!.