03/30/2013 09:21 am ET Updated May 30, 2013

Words To Use To Get What You Want

Words have power. They can be used to create or destroy. Used unconsciously they can bring unwanted experiences. However, when words are spoken with purpose and precision they pave the way for your dreams to become real.

So, what are your dreams? What is most important to you? If you could create or experience anything, what would it be? Is it freedom? Happiness? Fulfilling work that produces prosperity? Do you crave intimacy, a powerful partnership, genuine love, or all of the above? Do you want to resolve a persistent problem? Or perhaps stop settling for less? Consider - What do you really want? Are you inspired to be healthy and fit? Do you wish to evolve into a wiser and more loving parent? Are you motivated to build community? Travel? Explore? Make a difference?

What if you knew that right now you have the power to summon the materialization of your deepest aspirations and more? By choosing words wisely you can accomplish what you want!

Many of the most renowned people in history carefully chose their words and fueled them with clear intent to achieve a vision. Our nation's forefathers declared unequivocally the inalienable rights of freedom and independence when they said all men are created equal. Even though the word "men" had different meanings at the time, this language became the platform from which we evolved. Martin Luther King Jr. wielded the words "I have a dream" to realize his vision. Eleanor Roosevelt encouraged people to "believe in the beauty of their dreams." Walt Disney imagined "the happiest place on earth." These wise ones used words to uplift our collective reality. What are you speaking into existence?

Words matter because they materialize as matter. Words can transform challenges into opportunities. They can be used to gather information and clarify meaning, which open lines of communication allowing you to discover and understand another's map of the world. In my new book, Supreme Influence: Change Your Life with the Power of the Language You Use, I teach readers in depth how to command words to create reality on purpose.

How you wield your words will determine the response that you get - in business and in daily life. And it's not just the words you speak - it's the intent fueling your words, and the way you frame the language you choose that will determine whether you elicit resistance or accord.

Your power to achieve goals is intrinsically linked to your ability to develop relationships, which will reflect the quality of your communication. How you relate with others mirrors the relationship you have with yourself. By integrating the wisdom illuminated herein you will empower yourself to succeed and elevate the quality of every relationship in your life. These insights will support you in communicating with authority in an honorable way that inspires brilliance - and this - is the key to "getting what you want."

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