09/09/2014 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why Your Brain Can't Tell the Difference Between Good Habits and Bad Habits


At the subconscious level, your brain cannot distinguish between a habit that is ultimately GOOD for you and one that's ultimately BAD for you.

GOOD habits move you toward your goal or destination, whether it's to be happy, healthy, lose weight, make more money, or finish your projects on time.

BAD habits, however, block you, stop you, hinder you, slow you down, or ultimately prevent you from reaching your goal or destination. These habits hold you back from the success you desire and are perfectly capable of.

Can you see, then, why this very point is one of the essential problems in the current behavior modification industry -- which is what the personal growth industry is: a series of attempts to change your behavior, so you can get better results in your life.

The essential problem in our industry, then, is that you have been told to change your behavior...

When your brain is literally wired to fight that very thing!

So HOW, then, can you actually change your habits and your behavior, when the very thing you're trying to change is fighting you every step of the way?

And, if you want to get better results and reach your goals, how can you change our habits, so you stop driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake, and actually reach your goals?

That's what The Power Habits System is all about.

Here's the bottom line...

If you want to get better results in you life, you must learn how to change your habits at the subconscious level...

And stop trying to use "willpower" to reach your goals.

Take Action Challenge:

Stop trying to change your habits using willpower. Be open to a new way of thinking and get ready for massive changes very quickly in your life.

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