03/13/2014 04:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Move of the Day: Plank With Leg Lift

Incorporate this "move of the day" into your regular exercise regimen or just take a few minutes to give it a try. Each day will be a different move so you can do each one back to back or individually. Performing this one move each day will add up and you will begin to see noticeable changes in your body and an improved mental focus!



  • Increases strength in chest and shoulders
  • Challenges balances
  • Improves core strength
  • Engages and tones glutes


  1. Come into a straight arm plank position with hands on a medicine ball. If you are just starting out, begin with hands on the floor. Once you are comfortable in this position, then move on to a medicine ball. Engage glutes as you lift one leg up to hip height. Hold for 1-2 seconds.
  2. Bring foot down to the mat and switch sides. Make sure to engage your core and glutes the entire time.
  3. Continue alternating. Perform 10 reps each side.